Thursday, February 13, 2014

Raise Dead Random Effects

Death can be such a petty inconvenience with how easy the Raise Dead spell is to cast in most versions of D&D. Make death more of a gamble with these random effects for the Raise Dead spell. When the spell is cast, roll 1d12 to see how well it actually works.

1 Spell fails utterly - body putrefies horribly and becomes a black ooze.
2 Spell appears to work, but character is actually possessed by a demon.
3 Spell works, but something else comes back as well - (1d4) 1-Demon, 2-Invisible Stalker, 3-Shadow, 4-Wraith.
4 Spell requires life force - random person within 30' takes 7d6 damage
5 Spell doesn't work completely - character becomes a (1d6) 1-Ghoul, 2-Zombie, 3-Wight, 4-Vampire, 5-Wraith, 6-Ghost.
6 Spell doesn't take - character is raised but starts losing 1 point per day from a random stat. Once any stat equals 0, character dies and becomes a zombie.
7 Spells works but character is disfigured by their injuries - lose 2 points of Charisma.
8 Spells works but character is in a weakened state - Strength and Dexterity reduced to 3 for a month.
9 Spell works and character is transformed emotionally by the event. Gain +2 to either Wisdom or Charisma.
10 Spell works and character sees a glimpse of the future.
11 Spell works and character is blessed - all rolls are +1 for a month.
12 Spell works and character becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine- gain one level.